Thursday, September 01, 2016

AluGest Server X3 ... 
Masters Up announced today a new release of its AluGest Server software. AluGest Server is a product of AluGest System family, the greatest solution for aluminium treatment with no constraint of specific machine or hardware, with a proven and significant overhead cost reduction. The application is a server software that provides services to the others solution's nodes. It has different features according to the edition. 
AluGest System solution is devised for driving the aluminium surface treatment plants and it can also be used for the iron surface treatment or for the aluminium and iron treatment combined. Thanks to AluGest System it's possible to obtain and maintain high production and quality standards and to maximize plant productivity by means of setting-up and by customized managing of all the process parameters. AluGest System continually checks the status of each bar and chooses when to send a new bar to the treatment in order to get maximum production while reducing the idle time by means of a continuous check of data collected from the plant and powerful production's planning and scheduling algorithms. 
With this latest version, AluGest Server has expanded and powered its integration functionalities with companies' business management software and its backup and restore procedures. 
New features and improvements in AluGest Server X3 include UI enhancements to provide a better overall experience. 
"The latest version of AluGest Server has an incomparable level of performance and stability on any type of machine !” (Masters Up).